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A look back…

Last night I was thinking about a post I made a couple months ago where I was really angry with this documentary I saw.  To recap, it was about this orca who was without a pod on the coast of B.C and so started swimming along rivers and bays looking for human companionship.  He/she would swim up to people’s boats and the people would either touch the orca or just watch.  Although there hadn’t been anybody who had tried to hurt the orca, a group decided that to prevent the possibility, they would fine people who associated with the whale.  They would then boat around and tell people who had stopped their boats to see the orca that they had to leave or they would be fined.  Essentially, these people were depriving a social animal of companionship and this pissed me off so much!

Anyways, when I thought about it last night, I could feel the hostility build in me again.  I decided to try and pinpoint what exactly was causing the hostility.  I thought about how people would saythat they had to protect the animal from people who would take advantage of his/her friendliness and hurt him/her.  Not only does that involve humans imposing their will on other species, which ticks me off because, I mean, how egotistical and self-absorbed are we? but it also is extremely indulgant.  I say that because it’s basically people totally ignoring the fact that the problem is the people who think they can hurt animals.  ‘Officials’ would rather impose their will on another creature and spout that it’s ‘for their own good’ when it’s really just harming the creature (the orca wanted friendship and was deprived of it by humans who got off on playing god >.>) than actually confront the real problem and deal with the people who would harm the animal.  Those people need to be dealt with the same way they would be if they harmed a human being; jail, or at least a major fine.  Maybe this will show people that they can’t view animals as lesser beings.  That goes for ‘officials’ though too.  They have to stop believing that they know best when it comes to other species’ lives and just preoccupt themselves with keeping their OWN species in check.




Okay, seeing as I have just created this blog, introductions are in order.  Although I admit it’s not my actual name, you can all know me as Daine.  Perhaps in time I will decide to give my real name but at the moment, I will let it remain private.

What I will tell you is that if all goes as planned, I will be graduating from the University of Guelph in 2013 with a bachelor of science, most likely majoring in animal biology.  As for what I’m going to do after that, I have no clue, but I’ll let you know when I found out.  Perhaps I’ll lay out my ideas for you but that’s a post for another time.

I gave this blog the title and tagline that I did because I expect that I will be commenting on anything and everything that crosses my path.  I want you to be forewarned that there will be absolutely no structure in my blogging and that the only theme present is the background of this webpage.

I am exhausted at the moment so I’ll leave you (‘you’ being a term used loosely seeing as I doubt anybody’s going to see this particular post.  Feel free to surprise me though!  I love surprises!) with this citation from an immensely funny book I’m reading (expect a lot of funny citations) called ‘How to be a Canadian’.  This particular paragraph is describing the style of driving native to Vancouver, referred to as ‘The Vancouver Slalom’.

‘There are no roads in British Columbia.  There are only corners joined together.  And nowhere is this more true than in Vancouver.  In this city, pedestrians, even those within clearly marked crosswalks–especially those within clearly marked crosswalks–are viewed not as nuisances to be avoided but as obstacles to be overcome.  Rising to the challenge, Vancouver drivers will attempt to weave through these pedestrians without knocking any over and, here’s the fun part, without ever applying the breaks.  Swoosh, swoosh: downtown slalom.  Pedestrians, in turn, try to keep things interesting by crisscrossing the streets at random, like neutrons in a particle accelerator.  They cross the street like this because, being from Vancouver, they naturally have a sense of entitlement.  Either that or they’re stoned.’