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Abortion in the Media

Occasionally, when there’s nothing else on, I’ll watch ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ and there’s one thing about it that really bugs me.

That thing is how abortion is depicted.

Throughout the whole series, abortion is treated like this horrible act that people should be ashamed for even thinking about.  One of the characters in the show did everything right; she was on birth control, her partner wore a condom, etc. It just so happened that some things went wrong; the condom broke and because she was on a new birth control pill, it wasn’t yet effective.

Things happened that were totally out of her control and she didn’t want a baby…so why shouldn’t it be okay for her to have an abortion?

Well, she was planning to but there was suddenly a shitstorm from all around her.  Her friends, family, and partner were all adamantly against her having an abortion and they made her feel like a horrible person for wanting to do what she wanted to do.  She is a teenager, extremely susceptible to social pressure, so of course she felt like she had to have the baby.

What pisses me off so much is that the whole show treats that like the opinion all people should have of abortion, not like the individual opinion of one person.

What the hell?!

Thousands of teenage girls are probably watching this show.  Like it or not, a lot of people (especially young people) interpret television as a reflection of the real world so television shows have a responsibility to provide a balanced outlook on life, not propaganda.  Yes, I realise that science fiction and fantasy shows do not reflect real life but they make it pretty clear that they don’t.  Shows that don’t feature superpowers, robots, or anything else that cannot be found in modern civilisation, are automatically assumed to reflect real life.

People should just learn to get a grip and stop trying to control other people’s lives.  If you don’t want an abortion, fine!  We’re not making you have one.  But let us make our own damn decisions about how we want to live our lives!

– Daine


Why is there a divide?

Okay, so I watched a little bit of a documentary show called ‘The Passionate Eye’ on CBC and it was about this particular orca who had been seperated from his pod and as a result was seeking out human companions.  I soon had to stop watching simply because I was so enraged.  Why? Two words; stupid humans.  And I’m not talking about the people who touched and played with Luna (the whale), oh no, they were great; they were careful and didn’t try to take advantage of Luna or anything.  I’m talking about the scientists and government people.  They just up and decided that they didn’t think people should interact with this whale because oh, apparently it is more common for whales who interact with humans to be injured and killed.  Paraphrasing one of the lead scientist in the department of fisheries’ words, ‘we should keep up a barrier in between us and ‘wild animals’.’

So basically, this whale who was very lonely and just looking for attention was denied that because some humans who just happen to have power in human society (even though it is all in our heads and really has no practical impact in the real world beyond society’s delusions) decided that they knew better.  Because don’t we always?  Know better than other animals, I mean.  Of course, I’m being sarcastic.

For a second though, imagine I wasn’t being sarcastic (That is basically the opinion of the majority of the human race).  Didn’t I sound like a self-centred, egotistical sociopath? We have absolutely no concept of anything outside ourselves.  We think we do but as we only ever try to understand things in terms of ourselves, we cannot possibly expect to understand the way the minds of members of another species works.

One of the things that really disgusted me was when the show talked about how scientists discourage the use of words such as ‘friendship’ in relation to what they deemed as ‘animals’.  I put that in quotation marks because we are in fact, animals too so it’s quite strange that we would be placed in a different group to them.  I’m going to go more into that later when I bring up the whole concept of putting up a barrier between us and ‘wild animals’.

So, apparently this whole whale thing has ‘revolutionized’ the set idea that scientists have that non-human animals do not experience emotions or even consciousness like we do.  Because obviously, we are so. damn. special.  Sarcasm again.  You can tell this ticks me off.  I just can’t stand this stupid superiority complex that humanity insists on having.

On to this whole ‘barrier’ concept.  I’ve already started to express my opinion on our self-imposed separation from other animals.  Why? (notice the relation to the title of this post)  Why has it been turned into an ‘us’ and ‘them’ thing?  We are all animals that are sharing this earth and have gone through the exact same amount of evolution.  We all have our individual responsibilities to maintain the fragile ecosystems that encompass us and we all have our individual ways of fulfilling those responsibilities.

Scientists claim that we are sentient and other animals aren’t.  What are signs of sentience?  If I remember correctly, language is one of the major qualifications of ‘sentience’.  So am I interpreting this correctly?  When dogs bark, that isn’t language?  When one wolf howls and then another one howls back, that isn’t a form of communication which is the definition of language?  It seems to me that the only reason to not consider the above mentioned circumstances language is that they aren’t the same as our language.  The same thing can be said of the way the Japanese communicate, or the french, or the chinese etc.  So, what?  They don’t have language?  They’re not sentient?

But wait a minute, that’s dangerous ground, that’s sounding like racism. Woooooh

Oh, the hypocrisy.

Well, I could probably carry on with my rant but I think I’ve got my main  idea across so I’m going to publish this and go to bed.  If I have anything else to say, I’ll just make another post.

I hope everybody is having a great holiday