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I’m back home…I should be happy, right?

So I’m back home in Ottawa and have three weeks before I have to think about school again.  I expected to be ecstatic and to have tons of fun.  Contrary to that, I find myself feeling really low.

I guess, when I left Ottawa and went to Guelph, I left quite a few of my problems and bad memories here.  Although they didn’t fully disappear in Guelph, they were certainly in the back of my mind.  Now that I’m back in Ottawa, they’re suddenly prevalent again.  It’s frustrating because I know my family absolutely love that I’m here but I can’t muster much excitement because of all the negative stuff pressing in on me.

It’s weird really, some of this stuff didn’t really bother me before I left so I guess I must have gotten used to not thinking about it in Guelph.  I delved into my schoolwork, knowing that it would take my mind off the stuff I didn’t want to think about.

I also started building some friendships in Guelph too.  That’s probably another reason I’m sad here.  Besides my family, I really have nothing for me here.

Ah well, hopefully things will pick up for me; after all, I’ve only been here two days.  I guess I was just musing on the reasons for my sadness.  I wanted to make a new post since the last one has been up for a while.  I’ll probably have another one up in a day or two once I have an idea for a good one.  Happy Holidays!