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What are you protesting, people?!

This is going to be a shorter post but I really wanted to get something new up here and this is something that I’ve been wondering about.

So, the g8 and g20 summits are happening in Toronto this year, right?  The protests are all over the news; apparently they’re pretty crazy.  A police car was actually set on fire! I keep seeing stuff on my facebook and other stuff about people being really supportive of the protest, saying the protesters are doing a great job.  My one question is this; what the heck are they protesting? The summits are about leaders coming together to make change.  Did I miss something?  Is this a bad thing? Why are people protesting possible change for the better?  I’m so confused.  Anyway, that’s that.

In other news, I think I’m going to seperate my photos into a whole new blog just for them and hopefully actually get itgoing.  I’m also probably going to start a blog for a catering business I would like to open eventually.  I’ll post more when these blogs are up and running.



It’s been a while

Well, it’s been a while since my last post and I don’t have a specific topic to muse on but I’d like to replace the last post with a new one.

I finished my exams and my marks are generally a lot higher than they were for first semester.  They’re still not up to my standards but they show huge improvement which I am glad for.  Unfortunately, my parents don’t necessarily see improvement and will still be disappointed with my marks, which is why I’ve only told my mom; she’s not as harsh about it.  I’ll eventually have to tell my dad but I’m biding my time.

I haven’t talked at all about my sister on here.  My parents treat her much differently from me and I don’t really know why.  One thing is when they tell her something, they don’t follow through with it whereas if they tell me something, they follow through with it.  Example;  when we got blackberries due to a contest that was won, my parents said that we wouldn’t be getting another one if ours were lost or damaged so we had to be super careful with them.  My sister, being my sister and not really valuing anything, left her blackberry in the rain and it of course died.  What does my dad do?  He gives her another one.  Albeit, it was his old one but he still gave her another one nonetheless.  I don’t know what happened to that one, if it was damaged or my sister just decided it wasn’t good enough for her but she’s getting another one.

You see, if mine got damaged or was lost, I know that I wouldn’t get another one unless I paid for it out of my own pocket.  I know, it kinda makes you go ‘what the hell?’

Anyways, my mom came in with groceries and expects me to drop everything and help her so I gotta go.


You know what really grinds my gears?

Browsing the internet and being faced with friggin’ SOFT-CORE PORNOGRAPHY in the god-damn ADVERTISING SECTION on the side of my FUCKING WEB BROWSER!!!!!!

When I am trying to relax and watch some online TV or something, I don’t want to be faced with some fucking skank’s PLASTIC BOOBS!! I don’t CARE if the nipples aren’t showing, I still find it revolting to look at two bulging bags of flesh!!

What the HELL is with scantily clad women being used to advertise online RPG games anyway?!

The only people who play those games are friggin’ 10 year old boys.  Last time I checked, 10 year old boys don’t give a flying fuck about scantily clad women!!!



I’m back home…I should be happy, right?

So I’m back home in Ottawa and have three weeks before I have to think about school again.  I expected to be ecstatic and to have tons of fun.  Contrary to that, I find myself feeling really low.

I guess, when I left Ottawa and went to Guelph, I left quite a few of my problems and bad memories here.  Although they didn’t fully disappear in Guelph, they were certainly in the back of my mind.  Now that I’m back in Ottawa, they’re suddenly prevalent again.  It’s frustrating because I know my family absolutely love that I’m here but I can’t muster much excitement because of all the negative stuff pressing in on me.

It’s weird really, some of this stuff didn’t really bother me before I left so I guess I must have gotten used to not thinking about it in Guelph.  I delved into my schoolwork, knowing that it would take my mind off the stuff I didn’t want to think about.

I also started building some friendships in Guelph too.  That’s probably another reason I’m sad here.  Besides my family, I really have nothing for me here.

Ah well, hopefully things will pick up for me; after all, I’ve only been here two days.  I guess I was just musing on the reasons for my sadness.  I wanted to make a new post since the last one has been up for a while.  I’ll probably have another one up in a day or two once I have an idea for a good one.  Happy Holidays!