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Hey guys,

I know, I know, long time, no talk.  I’m crazy busy with university but I decided that I wanted to make another post here, and hopefully make a few more in the near future.

I just read an article about a bunch of British actresses that have joined a group created by Kate Winslet, called “The British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League”.  What I found interesting, and deserving of a Musing, was my immediate gut instinct.  Uneasiness and dislike.  I thought it was interesting because I don’t particularly like the idea of cosmetic surgery and I doubt I’ll ever get it myself.  So, I decided to examine the feeling.

What I dislike about the idea of that league has nothing really to do with the fact that it’s against cosmetic surgery and everything to do with the principle of the thing.

Freedom to make my own choices in regards to my life is very important to me.  It bugs me when people try to take that freedom away because they don’t agree with it and feel that others should think like them.  Why is the group targeting cosmetic surgery when they could be targeting the PRESSURE to get cosmetic surgery?  or making sure that people who decide to go under the knife have made an educated decision?  Cosmetic surgery is a choice that some people make.  Yes, there are people who make that choice out of feelings of insecurity or pressuring from others, but there are also people who make the choice after educating themselves and thinking long and hard about what they want.  Often, those people undergo the surgery not for others, but for themselves.  Isn’t cosmetic surgery just a more serious and permanent form of make-up?  Why should those people be punished because a group of influential people have decided that they don’t like the idea of cosmetic surgery and thus it must be wrong?

I’m all for empowering people to feel good about their looks.  Hey, I don’t even wear make-up.  What I am not comfortable with, is attempting to take away choice.

At the moment, it looks like this group is just making public statements and not trying to lobby the government to ban cosmetic surgery or something; I really hope things will stay that way.



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