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****This is not a twilight bashing post, it only involves truthful analysis****

Although I liked the twilight books when I was reading them, I have now had time to really think about what happened in them and I find it extremely disturbing that these books are so popular.

Here, I’ll say it right out and then explain my logic;

Those books groom young girls to enter abusive relationships. 

The centre of the whole plotline is the starting of an abusive relationship.

      Case Point #1 – Edward watched Bella sleep even before he was in a relationship with her.

Okay, creepy but not indicative of a possible abusive relationship.  But along with the next two…

     Case Point #2 – He has to know where she is at all times, as well as whom she is with.

Every single talk show I’ve watched that has talked about abusive relationships mentions how this is an early warning sign.


      Case Point #3 – When he didn’t want her to go anywhere, he unhooked the cables in her car engine


Why is nobody else creeped out by this?!

Everybody else who doesn’t like Twilight says stuff like “oh, vampires aren’t supposed to sparkle”

…that’s all?  You honestly don’t see the real problem here?  (I’m not attacking anybody, I’m just really flabbergasted that I seem to be the only one who can see this)

Well anyways, back to how this relates to young girls being groomed to go into abusive relationships.

Twilight is extremely popular, especially with young girls.  Although Jacob Black has his share of fangirls, Edward definitely has the largest group of girls in love with him.  Are you starting to see how this is a problem?  Girls everywhere think that Edward is the perfect guy.  Because the above three things are explained away as being done in the name of protecting Bella, girls just think they make him more ‘romantic’ rather than seeing them for the red flags that they are.  They read the books and think that, that is how a relationship is and in fact, that’s what they should WANT in a relationship.

It gives me the willies because it is actually like girls everywhere are being groomed to go into abusive relationships.


****Logical analysis done, the following may be considered Twilight bashing****

I found some awesome videos poking fun at Twilight.  They’re hilarious.  Here they are.


Comments on: "The reason Twilight disturbs me" (4)

  1. Actually this discussion has been done before. The idea that Edward is an abusive (or at least) controlling boyfriend is one of the main objections people have raised against the Twilight books particularly in terms of them being a romance. I found Edward to be very creepy and his treatment of Bella is ridiculous at best. What disturbed me more than Edward’s behaviour was Bella’s peaceful acceptance of having control taken from her life.

    • Yeah, that definitely annoyed me about Bella. What also creeped me out though is that she can’t really do anything anyway. I mean, this guy is super fast, super strong, and has skin that’s as hard as rock. We all saw what happened when Bella tried to slap Jacob, who also has skin as hard as rock.

      It’s freaky how many girls say they want a boyfriend like Edward, I just want to go up to them, grab their shoulders and shake them, while yelling “NO, YOU DON’T!”

  2. Blue Ekkies said:

    Twilight is all about a suicidal girl’s choice between pedophilia/necrophilia and bestiality.

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