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The reason Twilight disturbs me

****This is not a twilight bashing post, it only involves truthful analysis****

Although I liked the twilight books when I was reading them, I have now had time to really think about what happened in them and I find it extremely disturbing that these books are so popular.

Here, I’ll say it right out and then explain my logic;

Those books groom young girls to enter abusive relationships. 

The centre of the whole plotline is the starting of an abusive relationship.

      Case Point #1 – Edward watched Bella sleep even before he was in a relationship with her.

Okay, creepy but not indicative of a possible abusive relationship.  But along with the next two…

     Case Point #2 – He has to know where she is at all times, as well as whom she is with.

Every single talk show I’ve watched that has talked about abusive relationships mentions how this is an early warning sign.


      Case Point #3 – When he didn’t want her to go anywhere, he unhooked the cables in her car engine


Why is nobody else creeped out by this?!

Everybody else who doesn’t like Twilight says stuff like “oh, vampires aren’t supposed to sparkle”

…that’s all?  You honestly don’t see the real problem here?  (I’m not attacking anybody, I’m just really flabbergasted that I seem to be the only one who can see this)

Well anyways, back to how this relates to young girls being groomed to go into abusive relationships.

Twilight is extremely popular, especially with young girls.  Although Jacob Black has his share of fangirls, Edward definitely has the largest group of girls in love with him.  Are you starting to see how this is a problem?  Girls everywhere think that Edward is the perfect guy.  Because the above three things are explained away as being done in the name of protecting Bella, girls just think they make him more ‘romantic’ rather than seeing them for the red flags that they are.  They read the books and think that, that is how a relationship is and in fact, that’s what they should WANT in a relationship.

It gives me the willies because it is actually like girls everywhere are being groomed to go into abusive relationships.


****Logical analysis done, the following may be considered Twilight bashing****

I found some awesome videos poking fun at Twilight.  They’re hilarious.  Here they are.


Is the guy who kicked this skunk really an asshole?

So I’m part of a bunch of yahoo message boards for exotic animals and I saw a post on a skunk list about this video, talking about what an asshole this guy is.  Then there are a whole bunch of comments about how he should be arrested, how seeing this made the person cry etc.

Now, it might seem weird that I’m asking this because I have so many posts that are pro-animals; obviously, I should hate this right?

Well, to be honest, I empathize with this guy and think I might have likely done the same thing in that situation.

When I watched this video, I was scared for the guy and his dog.  This skunk did not seem right and was making some threatening moves towards both of them.  In that situation, I would have panicked, which would have led to my fight/flight instinct being triggered.  Judging by the speed with which the skunk advanced, I probably would have thought that flight was not an option and would have then turned to fight/get the skunk as far from me as possible without risk of being bitten i.e. kicking it. 

That all would have gone through my my mind in a second or two.  That probably seems fast to decide to kick an animal but that’s what humans do.  They react to the threat, and then think once the threat is gone.  If they didn’t do that, they would not have lasted long; predators don’t give you time to think.

It turned out that the skunk did in fact have rabies which shows that the guy probably did the right thing, but even it hadn’t; as bad as I would’ve felt about kicking the skunk, I wouldn’t have felt like a horrible person because I know and understand the evolutionary reason for that reaction.  I also know what it feels like to not be able to think straight because of the raw terror flowing through me and so I empathize with anybody in that position.

So, I hope I didn’t offend somebody because I really wanted to state my opinion on this

– Daine

Ontario man killed by pet tiger; let the ignorance fest commence

Okay, I know I haven’t posted in forever but I haven’t been sure what to post.  As you can probably tell, I prefer to post about topics and my opinions on those topics rather than what’s going on in my everyday life.  Well, I suppose this post is a combination so I don’t feel like I’m just prattling on about something nobody cares about.

Last week, a man in southern Ontario was killed by his pet tiger.  Coincidentally, this man was the leader of the Canadian organisation for exotic animal owners.  Of course, AR activists jumped on this immediately, as well as various neighbours who have been pushing to get rid of the exotic cats, with no success.  The AR activists have even gone so far as to push premier Dalton Mguinty to ‘regulate’ (read, ban) ownership of exotic animals.  Luckily, he seems reluctant to do so and would rather leave it to individual municipalities.  Hopefully, he will maintain this mindset.

In an attempt to exert some damage control, I have written this article.

‘No reason to ban exotic cats

Throughout North America, there have been many local governments coerced into passing exotic animal bans by both extreme animal rights activists and private citizens who allow fear to consume them and block out logic.  The pressure is usually doubled right after an incident because people believe that what has just been portrayed in the news, can happen anywhere.  In fact, this is the idea that AR groups are constantly pushing.

Recently, a man in southern Ontario was killed by his pet tiger.  Nobody can say how or why because nobody saw it happen but they all assume that the reason it happened was simply because tigers should not be kept as pets.  First of all, there’s a logical error in assuming what happened.  There are a variety of scenarios that could have led to the man’s death and I’m sure if you asked a seasoned exotic cat owner, they could tell you.  Second of all, if you think about the handful of incidents that have taken place in the last two decades in the situation of private ownership of big cats, you’ll realise that almost all the injured parties are the owners themselves.  There is very little danger to the public and in the case of responsible exotic ownership, there is no danger to the public.  The possible dangers of big cat ownership are something that the majority of people know going into it, therefore making it just like any hobby-related danger.  There have been many deaths due to hobbies such as freefalling and bungee jumping yet you don’t see people calling for those activities to be banned.  Therefore, there is no logical reason for exotic ownership to be banned while people are still able to take part in the above-mentioned activities.

To see details on incidents involving exotic cats, go to the statistics page on the website for REXANO, which stands for Responsible Exotic Animal Owners.  Under United States statistics, there is a list of those deaths related to captive big cats versus other causes of death, as well as a list of the big cat related deaths and some information on who was involved.  Of the twenty big cat related deaths between 1994 and 2008, only two were due to pets and those were due to bad choices made by the owner.  It is important to note that those people do not reflect the entirety of the exotic ownership community.  In fact, while the number of deaths related to big cats over eighteen years equalled twenty, thousands of other big cats were being kept with no problem.  It is estimated by officials that there are more tigers being kept in captivity in North America than there are left in the wild.  This would suggest that for every incident involving a captive tiger, there are possibly tens of thousands of captive tigers that have never hurt anybody.  Really, when you think about that, exotic cat ownership doesn’t seem so scary anymore.’

I sent this off to a newspaper in Ottawa and when they din’t reply to me (it’s the second time they haven’t even bothered to reply, grrr) I sent it off to a Toronto newspaper.  It is late but hopefully, they will see the importance of running it.  I could probably rant and rave about this issue a little more but I think I’m just going to sit back and see what happens with the toronto newspaper.

– Daine

Sexting Ban

First, I want to say that I was completely unaware of the concept of ‘sexting’ until I started hearing about it on the news so I don’t know what these statistics of ‘1 in 5 teenagers have sexted’ are all about.

Second, I don’t agree with taking naked/half-naked pictures of yourself and sending it to people; I have no idea what would possess people to do that.

Now that being said, I strongly disagree with this law that the government is creating (or has already created, I’m not sure) that is basically criminalizing sexting (correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure I heard there’s jailtime as well as a fine because sexting is being considered child pornography).

So, if I disagree with the act, why do I disagree with banning it?  Well think about the history of laws and bans that actually make sense.  Why ban smoking in public places? Because it negatively affects other people without their consent.  Why ban public drunkenness?  Because it negatively affects other people without their consent.  Why ban sexual assault or child pornography (and by that I mean, other people taking pictures of naked children without their consent)?  Same thing.  You see, those things all have to do with a person being affected who does not want to be affected.  That makes sense.

Now, take this sexting business.  A teenager makes the choice to take a picture of themself naked to send to a beau.  They certainly know the web well enough to know that they are taking the risk that lots of other people will be able to see it.  If they don’t take that into consideration, they are going to be negatively affected when others do see the picture.  The thing is, they are the only ones who will be negatively affected (and don’t give me that ‘their family, their friends etc.’ because shame and embarassment on their parts don’t count).  So, they make a choice and they get to deal with the consequences.

So what happens if/when this is criminalized?  Well, there’s suddenly a new precedent in courts and parliament.  Suddenly, it’s okay to take away a personal choice if it is perceived to be ‘not good’ for people.  That’s a really slippery slope guys.  I mean, where do we draw the line?  What will separate the choices we’re allowed to make from the choices we’re not?  With this sexting case as precedent, I’m sure that there are many other things that the government will be able to justify criminalizing.  Personally, this freaks me out.