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What is Logic?

I think this is a question that people should think about because it has gotten several connotations over the years and is, in my personal opinion, often used misleadingly.  Now, I love logic, even more than science and math so would it surprise you that I have been studying the use of magick for quite a long time?  I’m going to hazard a guess that it does surprise you.  Science says that magic doesn’t exist (if you noticed the slight spelling difference, we only add the ‘k’ to separate our idea of magick from the sleight of hand magic), right? so why would I, a strong believer in science, believe that magick works? (Well, actually I know)  Simple.  Logic is first and foremost more important to me.

Of course, I don’t just believe that something works without perceiving it working with my senses but I am definitely more open to the possibility because of my strong belief in logic.  A lot of people will see something with their own eyes, hear it, smell it, feel it, taste it and then say “Oh, that couldn’t have happened, it defies logic”.  Ummm, logic is what says that something must have happened if you perceived it with your senses.  It’s not that hard yet people regularly abuse the concept of logic.  If I get a scratch and it really hurts for a day, then I get another scratch and rub it with my bloodstone, to find that it only hurts for 5 minutes; logic says to me that the only possibly variable that could have caused a different result was the bloodstone rubbing my cut.

Yes, the scientific community has not ‘proved’ the existence of magick but the thing about science is that it is defined by logic, not the other way around, and logic is what proves the existence of something.  Therefore, science may say that something doesn’t exist when logic shows it does.

Just something that’s been tumbling around in my head lately.



Comments on: "What is Logic?" (2)

  1. A lot of magical stuff seems more logical to me than many “scientific” things I have seen going on. Not the concept itself, but some of the things people choose to use it for. And oddly enough, they can’t see the logic in certain magical beliefs no matter how hard you try to explain them.

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