A Little Bit of Everything

Bad Day

This day has been absolutely craptastic.  I slept in till 3 PM, missing out on half of the day, decided to go for a walk to get some food only to find out that that it;s freezing outside, find out that the place I wanted to go was closed, go somewhere else and end up throwing half of the food away because it was making me feel sick, then lost my student card somewhere between the place I ate, across campus, and here.

Ugh, I guess I need to buckle down and study for physics then maybe watch some TV.  Hopefully by the time I go to bed, I’ll be in a better mood.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to cheer myself up, here is another funny quote from “How to Be a Canadian.”  It is talking about how American dialect is becoming closer to Canadians’.

“The Americans are now beginning to adopt this pronunciation, meaning it will be evn harder to pick the bastards off when it comes (inevitably) to war.  The move towards a common North American dialect: natural linguistic evolution or nefarious American plot to destroy the Canadian way of life and pillage our land and culture?”

LAWL, I’m cheered up now XD



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